i was cute at work today

*writes down every single thing f. is and aspires forever to be the complete opposite of the each thing*

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i hate him so much i HATE him

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are there any functional differences between a "cis" girl and a afab trans person who doesn't take hormones, doesn't have any cosmetic surgery that would alter the appeareance of their body to a more masculine one, or comfortably presents in a way that is parsed as female by the people around them


Apparently afab transness equals masculinity?… what a crude way of reinforcing the gender binary, the very arbitrary system my gay body seeks to swallow in flame… let me break this down for you. there are no Levels of Transness. there are no like, lvl. 99 gender mages. one person cannot be more trans than another, and there is not one singular way of being trans.. and in your head, i guess, for someone to be trans they need to take hormones, have surgery, and “pass” as a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth.well i got news for you big boy. these are not things that are accessible to everyone: these are not things everyone can afford, let alone things that they Want for their body.. there are tons of trans people who don’t take hormones, don’t ever get any cosmetic surgery, and don’t “pass.” and ive still got more news for you big boy! fuck your passing! fuck the way cis people gender our bodies! just because cis people will see me and go “oh thats female” “oh thats male” (and somedays it is not that simple! wow!) doesnt mean theyre right, doesnt mean i wont die outside of gender.. i have Zero Interest in respectability politics and Zero Interest in defining transness by strict truscum-esque gatekeeper ideals.

so to answer your question. the functional difference between a cis girl and an afab trans person who “doesn’t take hormones, doesn’t have any cosmetic surgery that would alter the appearance of their body to a more masculine one, and comfortably presents in a way that is parsed as female by the people around them” is that, NO SHIT, one of these people is trans while the other isn’t. transness isnt defined by hormones or surgery and it sure as fuck isn’t defined by what gender cis people read you as. most cis people don’t even think/know nonbinary people exist.. so what, we’re just supposed to continue to not exist, because cis people don’t see us and gender us as “nonbinary”? shit licker. think harder before you message me again 



Gender labels are not needed for medical or hygienic reasons.

Yes, all body types are not the same and sometimes require different kinds of hygienic/medical attention. But we do not need gender labels for this.

A persons body type determines the kind of hygienic/medical attention they need.
A persons gender identity, does not.

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